Questions to Consider When Evaluating Colleges

Selecting the right school requires reflection and investigation. It should be a logical thought process and never be based on friends or parents  choices.

Below are some questions to ask when researching a school.  It’s helpful to put these on a spreadsheet for easy comparison when the schools start narrowing down.  It’s easy to get caught up with the excitement of the last school reviewed, so it’s important to put the information side by side on paper.
1.  Does the school offer my major? 
2.  What is the school’s graduation rate and average time to graduate?
3.  What are the admission requirements?
4.  Does the size of the school fit – small, medium or large?
5.  Will I have an advisor?
6. Does the school offer mentoring, internship or co-op programs?
7.  What percentage of classes are overbooked or cancelled?
8.  What percentage of classes are taught by TA’s?
9.  What percentage of students in my major work in their field of interest within one year?  How old and how large is the career sample data?
10. Where are the graduates working?
11. Who is the school’s main competitor?  Why is this school better?
12. Is there a 5 year masters program in my major?
13. What is the average class size?
14. Is there a ‘First Year Experience’ program to help adjust to campus life?
15. Are there activities on campus related to my interests and major?

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